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Work with Me!

*I'm currently not taking submissions for reviews.*

Please note I work 10 hour days Mon- Thurs so I may not get to your email until the weekend. If I don't reply in a timely manner (at least a week) feel free to double check or send me a reminder you might have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Book Reviews:

Before submitting please be aware since having an unpleasant interaction with an author due to a review I posted, I will be very strict about the books I choose to accept.

At this time I accept ARC's, and already published books from publishers, authors, publicists, etc. in print*, electronic*, and audio* to review. Although I prefer print when possible. I am willing to review PNR, urban fantasy, fantasy, non-fiction, suspense, thrillers, romances (I will accept spicy romance, but there has to be a story not sex for sex sake), New Adult and YA books.
My tastes are rather eclectic and will read anything that catches my interest. My best advice is email me at and we can discuss it. Book Tour Reviews and Books I've gone out of way to  Request take precedent over all other reviews. I'm also willing to do guest posts, giveaways** and post excerpts for authors/ publisher/ publicist. All these are free services, I do this to help authors promote their works.
I also offer an exchange if you follow my FB Page or Twitter, I will post about released or up coming sales that you would like promoted on those channels. Just send me the information at the above email and I will get it posted.

To submit a book or request a feature please email me at the above address with all the information on your book.
*I will only be taking on a limited number of books to review each month.
*Review of E-Books: I delete all ebooks after reading them.
*Review of Print Books: Just a Little R&R is not responsible for shipping, customs, or any other fees. I do not usually keep these books but pass them on to family or friends, or donate them to the local libraries, some I will use as giveaway prizes here on Just a Little R&R. The exception to this is ARC and some signed copies.
* Audio Books will be accepted in Audible or Mp3 format.

**Giveaway Contest Sponsor Information: When hosting a giveaway there will be ONE mandatory way to enter, all additional entries will be optional. This is due to the lottery/contest laws in my state. If you have a problem with this please let me know ahead of time so we can come to an arrangement suited to every one's comfort.
Giveaways will be written about at the end of the guest post or a separate post if it's a review. If you would like different arrangements, please email me to discuss your ideas.
Giveaways will be posted using Google forms. When a giveaway winner is chosen, I will send you an email with the winner's contact information. It is the responsibility of you or your company to ship the prize to the winner, unless previous arrangements have been made with me.
Please be sure to specify what the giveaway prize will be and please clarify whether you would like the contest to be open to US only, Canada and the US, or worldwide. I am not responsible for prizes that are lost in the mail or do not arrive at their destination.

Side note about giveaways: I will also host giveaways using books I've purchased and read/reviewed or received from the publisher and reviewed. These will be in almost new condition, although may possibly have slight wear.

Participant Information:
Visit the post where the giveaway is held, enter according to the contest entry directions. Failure to follow the contest rules will result in your entry being discarded and considered void. Any obscene, lewd, or offensive comments will be deleted and considered void. The length of the contest will generally be one week (giveaway hops maybe longer). Once chosen, the winner will be contact the by email (if an address is provided). If I am unable to get in touch with the winner within 48 hours after the contest closes, an alternate winner will be chosen and the initial winner will no longer have a claim on the prize. Any contact information submitted to me by my readers will never be sold to third parties and will be only be given to a giveaway sponsor for shipping purposes in the case that a reader wins a contest. Participants are expected to know and abide by the customs regulations for shipping to their country. There are no restrictions on the number of giveaways a participant can enter. No purchase is necessary to enter my giveaways; however, participants must be 18 years or older.